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"International Economic Relations"


Participation in Introductory Workshop on Trade in Services Negotiation

Assistants of the Department of Economic Theory PhD Scherbachenko V.O. and Rozhkova Ye.Yu., with the support of the Council of Young Scientists, participated in the two-day training Introductory Workshop on Trade in Services Negotiation which was held on April 12-13, 2018 in Kyiv.

The win in the All-Ukrainian contest of students’ scientific projects on specialty “Economics of agriculture and agro-industrial complex”

On April 5-6, 2018 on the basis of State Agrarian and Engineering University in Podilya the final stage of the All-Ukrainian contest of students’ scientific projects on specialty “Economics of agriculture and agro-industrial complex” was held.

Student of the International Economics specialty winned in the All-Ukrainian competition of student scientific projects on specialization "Economics and economic policy"

A third-year student of the International Economics specialty, Korotun Vladislava, presented the Sumy State University at the All-Ukrainian competition of student scientific projects on the specialization "Economics and Economic Policy", the final scientific and practical conference of which was held on March 20, 2018 on the Taras Shevchenko Kiev National University.


Theses' topics of the members of the Economic Theory Department



Theses for the Doctor of Economics degree:

Olga Prokopenko: «Theoretical and methodological principles of social and economic motivation of the ecologization of innovative activity» (speciality 08.00.06) – 2009.




Theses for the Candidate of Economics degree:

Victor Lapshin: «Improving of the distribution and specialization of agricultural production in the region through the application of economic-mathematical methods and computers» (speciality 08.00.05) – 1973.

Volodymyr Grek: «The redistribution of the labor force under the socialist production’s intensification» (speciality 08.00.01) – 1979.

Tamara Ivanova: «The Party organisation’s activities on military and patriotic education of workers in Kazakhstan» (speciality 07.00.01) – 1983.

Viktor Sadovy: «The role of internationalization production in formation of regularity in the world socialist system of economy» (speciality 08.00.01) – 1983.


Ivan Krapyvny: «The bourgeois concepts of structural changes of expanded reproduction in the USSR (Critical analysis)» (speciality 08.00.01) – 1989.


Olga Prokopenko: «Economic basis for ecological goods market» (speciality 08.08.01) – 2001.


Oleksiy Zakharkin: «Ecological-economical estimation of the technological solutions in the machinebuilding» (speciality 08.08.01) – 2002.


Yuriy Petrushenko: «The impact of the stock market on the real sector development in transition economy» (speciality 08.01.01) – 2004.


Maxim Bryukhanov: «Economic estimation of the influence of ecological imperatives on the level of social production» (speciality 08.08.01) – 2006.


Victoria Shkola: «Economic bases of prognostication of life cycle of ecological innovations» (speciality 08.00.06) – 2008.


Mariya Trojan: «Scientific and methodical basis of management of promotion of industrial innovative products in the market» (speciality 08.00.04) – 2010.


Nadiya Kostyuchenko: «The ecology-economic basis for the formation of the sustainable development institutional mechanisms» (speciality 08.00.06) – 2010.


Olga Klimenko: «Ecological-economic justification of investment activity of an industrial enterprise» (speciality 08.00.06) – 2011.


Oleksandr Dudkin: «The organizational and economic fundamentals for the development of social responsibility of industrial enterprise» (speciality 08.00.04) – 2011.

Maryna Domashenko: «Economic Security of Foreign Economic Activity of Machine-building Enterprises» (speciality 08.00.04) – 2012.

Iryna Marekha: "Environmental and Economic Estimation of Investment Quality in Agricultural Land Usage" (specialty 08.00.06) - 2013.

Shcherbachenko V.О. "The Economic Basics of Enterprise Intellectual Capital Management in the Reality of Global Competition" (specialty 08.00.04) - 2016.

Kurbatova T.O. "Scientific principles of organizational and economic mechanism of management for renewable energy development" (specialty 08.00.06) - 2016