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"International Economic Relations"


Prof. Prokopenko O.V. in Poland: academic cooperation and participation in conferences

During the vacation in Poland in early June 2017 Head of the Economic Theory Department of SSU Dr. of Economics, Prof. Prokopenko O.V. took part in two international scientific events.

Day of Specialty "International economics" and "International economic relations"

June 1, 2017 Economic Theory Department started the tradition of celebrating the Day of the major of "International Economics" and "International Economic Relations".

Meeting of lecturers from Economic Theory Department with Counselor of Ambassador of Canada to Ukraine

May 29, 2017 lecturers of the Economic Theory department took part in the meeting discussion, which was conducted by Counselor for Commercial Affairs of Ambassador of Canada to Ukraine Clint Martin.


Specialty "International economic relations" with specialization "Foreign economic relations"

New specialty “International Economic Relations” with specialization "Foreign economic relations" is established in Sumy State University as an answer to the global economic challenges and integration of Ukraine to the European Union.


This speciality is open to students since 2016 and allows them to obtain bachelor’s degree on the base of maturity certificate submission. Full-time students will be taught in English with Ukrainian translation of all the materials prepared by highly-skilled professors, docents, and leading specialists-practitioners from Ukraine, Canada, Israel and Europe. The advantage of “International Economic Relations” is a combination of economic thinking dealing with international relations and mastering advanced English language. 



The list of competitive subjects for entry to specialty "International Economic Relations" with specialization "Foreign economic relations" in 2017

Code and name of the branch of knowledge

Code and name of specialty

The list of competitive subjects

in 2016

The weights of subjects in external testing certificate


International relations

292 International Economic Relations

Ukrainian language and literature


History of Ukraine 


English language 


The weight of the average score inapplication to the certificate of complete secondary education



“International Economic Relations” with specialization "Foreign economic relations" gives a student a possibility to:
- take part in international and Ukrainian contests, Olympiads, conferences, summer schools;

- train abroad and develop business ties, which are necessary to future career;
- continue studying in the leading universities of the world;

- join the program “double diploma”;

- receive extra scholarships established for the best students.


“International Economic Relations” with specialization "Foreign economic relations" is a specialty, which prepares specialists dealing with:

- international projects implementation at the enterprises, commercial banks, financial institutions etc.;

- forecasting of its performance;

- reorganization and creation of joint companies with foreign direct investments;

- analysis on the possible ways to facilitate and improve international economic activities;

- establishment and development of international economic relations;

- improvement of international business activities;

- analysis of the patent, law and commercial information;

- searching for international strategic partners and investors;

- grounding of the perspective ways of international business development;

- international trade regulation;

- promotion of establishment business contacts with international organizations (embassies, consulates, international banks, investment funds, insurance companies etc.).

The graduates would be able to work at the enterprises, foreign ones in particular, banks, insurance companies, investment funds, international organizations, government or local organizations.
After graduation from Sumy State University, graduate students would be able to continue studying at the magistracy or post-doc at the universities-partners.