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"International Economic Relations"


Leaders in study

Sumy State University entered the top three universities by the results of Ukrainian Student Olympiads.

Olha Prokopenko has received Queen Yadwiga scholarship at Jagiellonian University

According to results of applicants’ competitive selection from different countries, Head of Economic Theory department, Dr of Economics, Prof. Olha Prokopenko has been included into the list of 20 scholarship holders of the Queen Jadwiga Scholarship Fund, who will carry out research at one of the best universities in Poland and Europe - Jagiellonian University, located in Krakow.

Students of International Economics specialty of UNI FEM started their training in Poland

Head of the Department of Economic Theory, Olha Prokopenko, together with Professor from University of Bielsko-Biala, Jan Tsebulya for the fourth year in a row, organize the industrial training for students from Oleh Balatsky ASI FEM at the Polish enterprise.


Regional and Spatial Development of the World Economy

Institute and department: Institute of Finance, Economics and Management, Economic Theory Department.

The name of the academic discipline: Regional and Spatial Development of the World Economy.

Credits: 4.

Description of the discipline: Analysis of potential (demographic, environmental and economic) justification prospective distribution of productive forces (PSD) and improving its current character, improving socio-economic efficiency of social labor costs.

Scope of the discipline: Subject and method of economic science. Indicators of economic activity. Grouping. Statistics. The analysis of the socio-economic development. Indicators of economic efficiency

Ability and skills: Discipline forms the practical skills in solving complex problems of distribution of productive forces to the specific production situation. Directed to forming a system of theoretical knowledge in the analysis of socio-economic systems and development models of the world

The author of the discipline designing: Marina Domashenko.