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"International Economic Relations"


SSU students' visit to Sumy Chamber of Commerce and Industry

At the end of November students of specialties "International Economics" and "International Economic Relations" Balatsky ASI FEM visited Sumy Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Participation in the conference "Poland-Ukraine: Neighbors and Partners"

November 10, students and lecturers of the Economic Theory Department took part in the popular conference "Poland - Ukraine: Neighbors and Partners" dedicated to the days of Poland in Sumy, held at the Congress Center of the Sumy State University.

Trading game for schoolchildren "International trade"

Lecturers from Economic Theory Department organized the world-famous international trading game on "International Trade" for students of the Minor Academy of Sciences.


Prof. Prokopenko O.V. in Poland: academic cooperation and participation in conferences

During the vacation in Poland in early June 2017 Head of the Economic Theory Department of SSU Dr. of Economics, Prof. Prokopenko O.V. took part in two international scientific events.

In particular, Olha Prokopenko presented report in Polish entitled "Effectiveness of sustainability management at different levels" in the scientific seminar "Effective management of sustainable development", held on June 6 in Żywiec.
Also Head of the Department gave a report in English on «Integration strategy into global innovation networks as a factor of academic entrepreneurship development», prepared together with Assistant Vitaly Omelyanenko, in the tenth international conference "Modern problems of business management", which was held on 8 -10 June in Szczyrk.
At the conference in Szczyrk she also presented the results of the cooperation with the Deputy Head of Department Victoria Shkola study on «Resource-efficient and energy-efficient changes in waste oils management», which is taken to the publication as a result of the conference.
There was an academic volunteering during the trip to Poland. On 5 June, Olha Prokopenko held imitative games for several students of senior classes of agricultural high school in Żywiec, having demonstrated innovative methods to teach international economic relations and having informed students about the top ratings of University, Institute and Department, language and form of the educational process at SSU.
Olha Prokopenko also read a series of lectures on "Advertising - information support or baseless promises" for the University of the Third Age: on 3, June in Żywiec, on 5, June in Hybye, on 6 June in Skoczow, on 7, June in Lodygowice, June 8, in Miluvka.
The trip also provided an opportunity to talk with the leadership from two Polish companies to organize practice for students of ASI FEM (specialties "International Economics", "International economic relations"). We hope it will be started this summer.

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