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"International Economic Relations"


International internship in Israel

Part of summer vacation 2017 representatives of the academic community of Ukraine, Belarus and Poland both students and famous professors and university rectors, as well as public organizations of Israel, dedicated an internship on the topic "International Economic Relations of Israel", having received 30 hours of lectures with representatives of the Knesset, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Energy and the Embassy of Ukraine.

Students of specialties "International Economics" and "International Economic Relations" met with Jabil Circuit, Inc. representatives

September 22, the students of the specialties "International Economics" and "International Economic Relations" met with Jabil Circuit, Inc. representatives, which is one of the largest companies specializing in contract manufacturing.

Leaders in study

Sumy State University entered the top three universities by the results of Ukrainian Student Olympiads.


Отримані гранти та стипендії

Received grants and scholarships

Lecturers of the economic theory department regularly receive grants and scholarships for researches and educational activities, as well as implementation of scientific projects. In particular, recently the department staff got such results:

- the results of scientific researches made by the Head of Department, Doctor of Economics, Professor O.V. Prokopenko were twice awarded with a scholarship of Cabinet of Ministers for young scientists. Also, O.V. Prokopenko received a grant from the President of Ukraine to conduct research on the fundamental theme "Creating of the mechanism to manage the innovative entrepreneurship of the environmental focus";

- In 2006, 2008, 2011 candidate of Economics, Associate Professor Petrushenko Y.M. received grants to conduct seminars for school teachers "Modern methods of teaching economics at school" (grantor: National Council of Economic Education). In 2011 he obtained a grant to conduct a round table on "The experience of the public organizations in the field of ecology and environmental protection" (grantor: National Endowment for Democracy). Also in 2011 Petrushenko Y.M. received a scholarship in support of individual research program "Social Transformation in the Frontier (Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova)," which was provided with financial support from the Carnegie Corporation (New York, USA) and administrative support of the American Council on Economic Education (ACTR/ACCELS).

- In 2004 candidate of Economics, Associate Professor Bryukhanov M.V. received a grant for the research project "Evaluation and optimization of the total cost in agriculture" (grantor - The Consortium for Economic Education and Research);

- In 2005 candidate of Economics, Senior Lecturer Kostyuchenko N.M. - received a scholarship to participate in summer semester at Charles University, The Centre for Economic Research and Graduate Education (Prague, Czech Republic). During 2011 she received two grants: a grant to participate in summer school «Introduction to strategic sustainable development» (Karskrona, Sweden) and a grant to participate in the "Economics of Health: A Global Approach" (St. Petersburg, Russian).