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"International Economic Relations"


SSU students' visit to Sumy Chamber of Commerce and Industry

At the end of November students of specialties "International Economics" and "International Economic Relations" Balatsky ASI FEM visited Sumy Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Участь у конференції «Польща-Україна: сусіди та партнери»

10 листопада студенти та викладачі кафедри економічної теорії взяли участь у науково-популярній конференції «Польща – Україна: сусіди та партнери», присвяченій дням Польщі в м. Суми, що відбулась у Конгрес-центрі СумДУ.

Trading game for schoolchildren "International trade"

Lecturers from Economic Theory Department organized the world-famous international trading game on "International Trade" for students of the Minor Academy of Sciences.


News and Events

Lectures and seminars with Professor from Kazakhstan Ph.D., Assoc. Professor Osik Yuriy Ivanovych

May 3-4, 2017 in the framework of the disciplines "Economy of the World countries" and "Regional and spatial development of the global economy" for students of majors "International Economics" and "International Economic Relations" Oleh Balatsky ASI FEM, there was a lecture in English, with Professor of Economic Theory Department Ph.D., Assoc. Professor Osik Yuriy Ivanovych (Karaganda, Kazakhstan).

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Victory in the the Ukrainian Olympiad in Science "Regional Economy"!!!

On April 26-28, 2017, the II round of the Ukrainian Olympiad for students of higher educational institutions of III-IV accreditation levels in the science "Regional Economy" was held at the State Higher Educational Institution "Vadim Getman Kiev National Economic University".

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Lectures and seminars of Professor from Economic Theory Department, Head of the project "Green Knesset" (Jerusalem, Israel) PhD Samuel Chayen on topics "Economy of the world countries" and "Regional and space development of the global economy" at O. Balatsky ASI F

At the end of April 2017 there were lectures and seminars, presented by Professor of Economic Theory Department Head of the project "Green Knesset" (Jerusalem, Israel) PhD Samuel Chayen for students of majors "International economics" and "International economic relations".

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12 International Scientific picnic

At the end of April 2017 Economic Theory Department held 12 International Scientific picnic for pupils from Alexandrovskaya gymnasium and for students of major "International Economics".

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Latvian-Polish-Ukrainian-Kazakh Conference on International Economics

April 19, 2017 representatives of Economic Theory Department took part in the international conference "International Economics".

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Victory in the XI all-Ukrainian contest of young scientists

Assistant of Economic Theory Department Omelyanenko Vitaly took second place in the nomination "Students Essays" of the XI Contest "The Newest Intellect of Ukraine".

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Training on the products competitiveness assessing

The Economic Theory Department actively develops innovative approaches to the academic process.

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Victory on the Ukrainian Olympiad on the major "International Economics"!!!

On April 6-7, 2017 there was II tour of Ukrainian Olympiad among students from HEIs of III-IV levels of accreditation on the major "International Economics" at Kyiv National Trade and Economic University.

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