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"International Economic Relations"


SSU students' visit to Sumy Chamber of Commerce and Industry

At the end of November students of specialties "International Economics" and "International Economic Relations" Balatsky ASI FEM visited Sumy Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Participation in the conference "Poland-Ukraine: Neighbors and Partners"

November 10, students and lecturers of the Economic Theory Department took part in the popular conference "Poland - Ukraine: Neighbors and Partners" dedicated to the days of Poland in Sumy, held at the Congress Center of the Sumy State University.

Trading game for schoolchildren "International trade"

Lecturers from Economic Theory Department organized the world-famous international trading game on "International Trade" for students of the Minor Academy of Sciences.


News and Events

A lecture with Bulgarian Professor Krachunov Hrysto on "Economy of the World Countries" and "Global and European Integration" at Oleg Balatsky ASI FEM

On February 28, March 2 and 3, 2017 there was a lecture, given by Professor from Technical University, Varna, Bulgaria Krachunov Hrysto, for students of the majors "International Economics" and "International Economic Relations" and lecturers of Oleg Balatsky ASI FEM.

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Academic and scientific visit and advanced studies of lecturers from Sumy State University at University of Bielsko-Biala, Poland

February 14-28, 2017, based on bilateral agreement on the international cooperation between universities, there was academic and scientific visit and advanced studies of lecturers from Sumy State University at University of Bielsko-Biala, Poland.

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Work on Grant Application within Erasmus+ Jean Monnet

From the 17th till the 19th of February, 2017, there was held a regular visit of a professor of the Economic Theory department, director of the “Green Knesset” (Israel) PhD Samuel Chayen to SSU.

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Samuel Chayen met with employees from SSU

From the 3rd till the 11th February, 2017, a professor of the Economic Theory department, director of the project “Green Knesset” (Israel), PhD Samuel Chayen visited SSU with working aim.

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Teaching experiment for students of specialty "International Economics"

November 08, in the structure of the course "International Finance", a training experiment was conducted. The 2-year students of the specialty "International Economics" Korol’ Alina and Skorik Valeria gave mini-lectures for their colleagues - students of group ME-51an .
The following requirements were established for students: to prepare the theoretical material in English, accompanied by English-speaking thematic presentations or video material. There was time limit - 10 minutes.
Students responsibly prepared this lecture, presented an interesting, detailed material to their colleagues and demonstrated extraordinary skills of working with the audience.
Students’ performances were accompanied with vivid multimedia materials and was welcomed by both teachers and students.






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Meeting with senior pupils

February 8, 2017, there was a meeting of Ph.D., senior teacher from the Economic Theory Department Krivoruchko L. with senior pupils of M.Savchenko Sumy Specialized School №7.

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The Economic Theoy Department researcher's article is in the top-5 articles of international project

The article of Economic Theoy Department Assistant, Ph.D. Omelyanenko Vitaly, dealing with to the problems of national economic security, was included to the top-5 articles in 2016 in Economic Sciences and Management within the Global International Scientific Analytical Project (GISAP).

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Applying the concept of «Blended Learning» in the practice of teaching at the Department of Economic Theory

In support of teaching concept «Blended Learning», 27.12.2016, within the practical class on "Economic theory", Ph.D., assistant professor of economics Troian Mariia and first-year students of the specialty "International Economic Relations" modeled the labor market through the economic game «Job Jungle».

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