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"International Economic Relations"


Students of specialties "International Economics" and "International Economic Relations" met with Jabil Circuit, Inc. representatives

September 22, the students of the specialties "International Economics" and "International Economic Relations" met with Jabil Circuit, Inc. representatives, which is one of the largest companies specializing in contract manufacturing.

Leaders in study

Sumy State University entered the top three universities by the results of Ukrainian Student Olympiads.

Olha Prokopenko has received Queen Yadwiga scholarship at Jagiellonian University

According to results of applicants’ competitive selection from different countries, Head of Economic Theory department, Dr of Economics, Prof. Olha Prokopenko has been included into the list of 20 scholarship holders of the Queen Jadwiga Scholarship Fund, who will carry out research at one of the best universities in Poland and Europe - Jagiellonian University, located in Krakow.


News and Events

Meeting with parents of the first course students, specialty "International Economic Relations"

It has become a tradition for Balatsky ASI FEM to organize a meeting with parents of the first year students, the fall semester in 2016 wasn’t an exception.

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New Year wishes from the staff of Economic Theory Department

The staff of Economic Theory Department congratulates all colleagues from Sumy State University, foreign partners from: Republic of Poland, State of Israel, Republic of Kazakhstan, Republic of Bulgaria, Canada, the United States of America, United Kingdom, colleagues from other Ukrainian and international universities with New Year holidays.

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"Mafia"-battle between lecturers and students

These days, the Economic Theory Department organized an unusual event - «Mafia»-Battle, whose purpose had dual nature: first, to improve communication between first and second year students of "International economic relations", to demonstrate a positive family environment, to create a background for student friendship and further cooperation; secondly, to improve corporate communication between the lecturers and their students.

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"The Mafia"-game tournament among first-year students of "International Economic Relations"

On December, 20, 2016 the lecturers of the Economic theory Department organized a traditional event - the tournament in the classical command game "Mafia" for the first-year students of "International Economic Relations".

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Novations of Economic theory department under the concept of «blended learning»

Lecturers of the Economic Theory Department systematically organize numerous educational and informal events for "International Economic Relations" and "International Economics" students to implement the concept of teaching subjects based on the «blended learning» principle. The main events are aimed to ensure a European approach to the provision of educational services.

On December, 21, 2016, within teaching "International economic operations", Ph.D., senior lecturer of Economic Theory Department Kotenko Alexander and second-year students of the specialty "International Economy" held an international economic summit: "International economic operations: new challenges".
During the summit, students represented separate countries, international organizations and were divided into three groups:
•    Representatives of developed countries;
•    Representatives of developing countries;
•    Representatives of the United Nations General Assembly.
The summit's agenda included the discussion on several important economic problems and issues, which are extremely urgent for the international economic community.
Students actively participated in the discussion according to this issues range; protected the countries interests, conditional representatives of which they were; provided reasoned answers to the questions for their opponents and formed a solid alternative opinions.
During the debate, students proposed solutions to a number of international economic problems and put other rather critical questions that require additional scientific research.
Therefore, activity and interest of students requires the highest scores.

blended learning

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Head of Economic Theory Department visited Poland

During the vacation at the end of November - beginning of December 2016 Head of Economic Theory Department Olha Prokopenko visited Poland, where she participated in five international scientific events and had several meetings - with lecturers and workers from international affairs departments at the university and with members of parliament, and according to agreement between SSU and University of Bielsko-Biala since April 2012 gave lectures in disciplines "Economic analysis of the organization" and "Market institutions", lectures and seminars on "Psychology in management", "European Union funds" and "Management of small business" in Polish for Bachelor and Master degree students of the University of Bielsko-Biala.

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Skype-lecture of Professor from Poland «E-health marketing. Poland Experience» at Balatsky ASI FEM

On December, 19, there was skype-lecrure «E-health marketing. Poland Experience» presented by Professor from Poland School of Public Health in Bytom Medical University of Silesia in Katowice PhD Magdalena Syrkiewicz – Świtała for students of the specialty "International economics" and "International economic relations" and for lecturers of Balatsky ASI FEM.

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Scholarship for study placement in the Slovac Republic

According to results of participation in the contest, organized by National Scholarship Programme of the Slovaс Republic, Head of Economic Theory Department Prokopenko Olha gained scholarship for study placement at Matej Bel University in Banska Bystrica, with which she has cooperated for scientific activity since 2013.

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