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"International Economic Relations"


SSU students' visit to Sumy Chamber of Commerce and Industry

At the end of November students of specialties "International Economics" and "International Economic Relations" Balatsky ASI FEM visited Sumy Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Participation in the conference "Poland-Ukraine: Neighbors and Partners"

November 10, students and lecturers of the Economic Theory Department took part in the popular conference "Poland - Ukraine: Neighbors and Partners" dedicated to the days of Poland in Sumy, held at the Congress Center of the Sumy State University.

Trading game for schoolchildren "International trade"

Lecturers from Economic Theory Department organized the world-famous international trading game on "International Trade" for students of the Minor Academy of Sciences.


News and Events

Participation in the scientific and practical seminar

Professor's Assistant from Economic Theory department, PhD of Economics Omelyanenko V.A. participated in the scientific and practical seminar "Practice to create intellectual property management offices", which was held by SRI of intellectual property NALS of Ukraine, UKRISTEI of MES of Ukraine, UPO "Ukrainian Council of innovators and inventors" on November, 23, 2016.

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Round table on problems of modern economics

On November 10, 2016 lecturers and PhD students of Economic Theory Department and 2-year students of the specialty "International economics" SSU with special participation of guest from Kazakhstan Professor Ossik Yuriy Ivanovych, took part in the round table on theme "Problrms of the modern economics".

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Happy Students day

Dear students of "International Economics" and "International economic relations" specialties!

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Professional training of representative from Economic Theory Department at «Researcher Connect»

During November 7-9, 2016 Associate Professor of Economic Theory Department Nadiya Kostyuchenko participated in the program of the young scientists’ professional training support “Researcher Connect” from British Council.

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The eleventh international scientific picnic for Aleksandrovskaya gymnasium

October, 28 for an appeal, given by CO Alexandrovskaya gymnasium Economic Theory Department Balatsky ASI FEM at SSU organized the eleventh international scientifc picnic for pupils of the 8th forms.

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Prokopenko Olha Volodymyrivna is a member of Contest Committee in Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine

The decision, made by science and education commission of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine to the Protocol №50 from October, 5, 2016, approved new members of the Contest Committee for scholarships of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine awarding for the most talented young scientists and for premiums of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine awarding for the talanted young scientists in the fundamental and applied research and scientific-technical investigations.

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Seminar of Honorary Doctor of SSU from Bulgaria for first-year students of the major "International Economic Relations"

October 28, 2016, Honorary Doctor, professor Hristo Krachunov (Bulgaria) held a seminar for the first year students of the major "International Economic Relations".

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The tenth international scientific picnic for elite of the Sumy Region

October, 21 Economic Theory Department of SSU held The tenth international scientific picnic on appeal of Sumy territorial department of JAS Ukraine.

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